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Welcome to my online portfolio.


Work and Education

Currently, I co-direct an IT department at a small university. I have over 15 years experience in instructional design, course facilitation, administration, project and grant management.

Current Projects

What I'm working on now

My top three projects.

Google for All!

Deployment of Google Apps at Marylhurst University. Project includes strategy and policy. Some aspects of the project include account provisioning and claiming, security, domain management and sharing settings/policy, domain migration, training, integration.

Moodle LMS
LMS Migration

We are transitioning Marylhurst to a new LMS. This project touches nearly every person at Marylhurst. Migrating LMS takes many institutions years to accomplish, but the bulk of our work will be done in 3 months with great ease and enthusiasm.

Video Conferencing Initiative

Expand the use of video conferencing on campus, while at the same time moving to a new system. We have dramtically expanded the use of video confrencing for courses, meetings, interviews, webinars, and more. Our initiative has more than quadrupled use in just one year.


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  • Google for All!
    Project Lead

    I really enjoy working on and leading teams. This project has 5 core team members, and we get to work with stakeholders in nearly every part of campus, Registration, Deans, Provost, Faculty, Students! Click above for project information pages. I maintain these pages and am responsible for the content.

  • Bananas Foster
    My Favorite Desert

    Although a workaholic, I find time for other activities, which help me think outside the box. Cooking provides excellent metaphors, and metaphors are excellent for learning. I'm somewhat obsessed with creating the perfect version of this heavenly dessert.

  • Principles of Instructional Design

    I am in the midst of migrating Marylhurst to a new LMS system. Although a big part of this is project management and training, it all rests on a foundation of solid instructional design principles. Check out my blog (below) for some of my peadagogical thinking, and if you'd like to visit any of my courses online, just let me know and I'll add you in.

  • Faculty Answer Lab
    Instructional Designer

    I'm a strong advocate for just in time learning and on demand resources. So, I build a site that attempts to fulfill those values within our LMS at Marylhurst. The design here provides access to three avenues for support: community support (via a forum), FAQ, and small bite sized tutorials for faculty teaching online.

  • Intro to Fine Arts

    The best instructional designers are often teachers and students! Although my full-time position is ID and project leadership, I stay active as a teacher. I've taught Introduction to Fine Arts as an adjunct at the University of Portland for almost 7 years. Most of my materials are behind the garden wall, but drop me a line and I can provide short term access.

  • Horologium du Futur Past
    Music I wrote

    I am a classically trained musician. I spent a lot of years feeling guilty about being passionate about teaching, when I felt I should be more passionate about making music. After all, if you have "the gift of music," aren't you supposed to follow it. I figured out I can do both, but how I like to earn a living is doing the work of education, and that way my music is solely about creation, and not attempting to scrape by on an art composers income.



Recent Blog Posts

Although not a very active blogger, there are a few posts here that will give a sense of my thinking and ideas.


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